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Arctos Portable AC Review – The Real Truth Revealed! (Must Read)

Heat makes your sleep uncomfortable, gets you sweaty, and robs you of the proper relaxation that you truly deserve. Now, how can you save yourself from such discomfort? This is where the Arctos portable AC comes in to help you have the most enjoyable experience throughout summer.

The best part is that the Arctos cooler is affordable and lightweight. It saves you the trouble of running a traditional air conditioner which is even more expensive. Although you might be sceptical about getting a personal air conditioning unit, Arctos puts your mind to rest with the most exceptional features.

Arctos cooler comes to your rescue as an innovative, noiseless, portable, and effective option. You can purchase this product to keep your home and office space cool at all times. It is also a versatile product that features both an air purifier and a humidifier. Imagine getting multiple features in just one product. Well, that’s what Arctos offers you. Read this Arctos portable AC review till the end to find out all you need concerning the AC.

What is Arctos?

The Arctos cooler is a personal air conditioner that helps you stay cool during seasons of heat. It uses a water evaporation technology that provides conditioned air. With this product, you can have fun in summer and engage in multiple activities with the understanding that Arctos has got you covered. This personal air conditioner also has an air purifier that helps to remove all the traces of allergens, dust, and other microscopic particles that are likely to harm your health. Those with respiratory challenges can always trust Arctos to care for their needs.

The Arctos portable AC also features a humidifier that keeps the room moist at all times. It helps combat the dry summer air to provide long-lasting relief and sustain the perfect temperature. This humidifier ensures that your skin, nose, and eyes are not left dry and irritated. You can trust Arctos to keep all of these under control. It consumes less power and requires little or no fee for maintenance.


  • Dimensions: 5.8 inches x 5.5 inches x 5.5 inches
  • Power: 9W
  • Weight: 30 Pounds
  • Voltage: 12 V DC
  • Current: 0.79A

7 Features of Arctos Cooler

The Arctos portable AC has various features that ensure that you can enjoy comfort across your different rooms without having to install traditional ACs around your house. These features include:

Rapid Cooling

Imagine having to wait forever before you enjoy the full blast of air from your product. You only have to wait for 30 seconds to get the whole effect of the Arctos AC. This quick function makes it a favorite, especially during summer.

Low Noise

Who said you could not enjoy humidified air without dealing with noise? No one, I guess. With the Arctos personal air conditioner, you can get purified air in a noiseless fashion. You never have to worry about your AC messing with your beauty sleep with some annoying noise. This is where this product beats regular air conditioning systems.

Water Tank

It has a water tank of 450ml that works alongside the filter to ensure that you get cool quickly. Arctos uses a water evaporation system that transfers the heat in the air into the water tank. This novel technology allows you to enjoy the cool air by filling the tank with water, and if you want it to be cooler, you can use cold water or ice. It fosters the hydro-chill technology of the product and cuts down on the cost of installing a big AC across your home.

Adjustable Vent

If you want to target the air from this product to a particular area, you can use the adjustable vent to achieve that. This adjustable vent allows you to control both the speed and efficiency of the air that you get. It is an easy-to-use product that offers convenience as you can adjust it based on the weather condition and your preference.

LED Night Light

The water filter of the Arctos product has an LED night light that is positioned within the water chamber to give light to your room or other dark areas. It is a sleek product that provides a high level of functionality designed to meet your needs at every juncture.

Replaceable Water Filter

You can replace the water filter of the Arctos cooler within 3-6 months if you require optimal performance from it. You can easily get the replacement filter from a platform like Amazon. The best part is that even after replacing the water filter, the portable AC still works effectively in producing cool air.

3 Fan Speeds

This product offers you the option of choosing between three fan speeds which include: low, medium, and fast. You can make the cool air high if you’re in a really hot environment, you can also decide to keep it moderate or low. Regardless of whatever choice you make, the Arctos air conditioner allows you to adjust based on the weather condition.

How to Use Arctos Portable AC

Using this product is quite straightforward. However, before we proceed to give the right steps on how to use the Arctos portable AC, you need to take note of a few things while using the cooling device. They include:

  • Whenever you fill this AC with water be careful when moving it around to avoid leaking.
  • If you find a mold on the water curtain, stop using the device to clear it out.
  • Make sure the parallel base of the AC filled with water remains on the ground when you’re moving it.
  • Empty the unit of water if you don’t plan to use it for a long time.

With that settled, here’s the step-by-step process of using the Arctos AC.


Place the AC on a flat surface to create balance. Attach the power adapter to the electric port. Afterward, connect the other end of the AC to a power source. Keep some space between the device and the wall just for safety.


Take the water filter out of the drawer. Soak it in water to make a water curtain and then return it to its initial position in the drawer.


Add water to the water tank up to its capacity. Then, pick your most preferred setting from low, medium, and high. Adjust it according to your location. Afterwards, you can begin to enjoy the cool air that the Arctos portable AC offers.

Arctos Portable AC vs. Traditional Air Conditioning System

Although the traditional air conditioning system has been popular for years, it has had multiple shortcomings that a product like the Arctos Portable AC solves. First, Arctos cooler is a lifesaver in terms of cost, it keeps you from having to use a full air conditioning system based on the HVAC system. You can have this single device that provides you with quality air. However, Arctos portable AC is not as durable and long-lasting as traditional air conditioning systems.

The traditional air conditioning system has been known to produce particles that can be harmful to your health. Arctos portable AC solves this problem with its effective air purifier and humidifier that ensures that there’s no dryness in your environment. Also, it saves your body from bearing the impact of a system that pays little attention to your health.

Arctos portable AC stands out with a free installation fee that requires no professional. Before you can get your traditional AC running, you need to get someone with a high level of expertise to fix it up for you. This means extra cost, possible waste of time, and inconvenience. Arctos is a portable air conditioning system that takes out all of these challenges. Amazing, right?

5 Benefits of Using Arctos Portable AC

Surely, you’ve been able to pick one or two benefits of the Arctos AC since the beginning of this Arctos cooler review. However, for the sake of proper emphasis, this section covers the major benefits of the device explicitly.


As the name implies, Arctos is a portable and lightweight device that provides cool air. While traditional ACs are fixed permanently to the wall, Arctos is quite handy. You can use it in whatever environment you find yourself in. Imagine the cost of installing a regular AC in your home and office, that costs quite a fortune.

Arctos is beneficial because you can always use the same single device across various locations. Also, you can get this product for everyone in your house to ensure that they remain cool in all seasons. As long as your location has a power source, you can make use of this portable device. It also saves you from giving up a whole lot of room space with its lightweight design.

Easy to Use

There are other portable cooling devices but they fail to work with a high level of effectiveness. Arctos differs from them all by being extremely fast in its function and effect. It takes only 30 seconds before you get cool. This cooling device is quite straightforward to use and the handling process is simple. Arctos provides you with quality that takes out all the stress for you. Great, right?


With the constant hike in the prices of products, Arctos is a great option that gives you rest. Imagine the quote and cost of installing a regular AC in every part of your house and also in your office. Unless you’re Bill Gates or something, that must make your heart skip a beat.

Now, you don’t have to worry about your heart with Arctos because you can get one device for less than $90. If you’re buying more of this device, you even get the opportunity to enjoy more discounts on your purchase. It offers you great value for your money with access to the most exceptional features.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Maintenance fees for your traditional air conditioning system can make you lose some quality night’s sleep. With the Arctos portable AC, you never have to worry about exorbitant fees because the maintenance is cheap. The best part is that Arctos require no installation at all. All you need is a power source where you can plug the device, once that is done you’re good to go. As long as the water tank is filled with water, you will get effective cooling.


This is one of the most important features of any product that truly wants to cater to your needs. This portable AC offers an adjustable feature that allows you to enjoy cool air based on your terms. You can decide whether to keep it low or high. Even the vents are also adjustable helping you control the direction of the air.

Refund Policy

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase or you find damages caused by shipping, you can always get a refund. The company has a 60-day satisfaction guarantee where you can return the product and get a refund without paying shipping fees. However, for you to be able to get a refund, the product must not be altered or opened. The original packaging must be there if not you wouldn’t get a refund.

Downsides of Using Arctos Cooler

Probably this Arctos portable AC review has been sounding like a fantasy that is too good to be true. Although the arctos cooler is a great buy for any customer, it still has its downsides. They include:

Limited Reach

Now, let’s be realistic. Arctos is only an individual device, it cannot power an entire room. If you’re using Arctos that means you can’t share it with anyone else because it’s only meant for one person. Some critics even call Arctos a swamp cooler rather than an “actual” AC. This limited reach means that every single person in a particular room has to get this portable device before they can remain cool. There’s a possibility that such mass purchase can even be more expensive than getting a regular AC for everyone to use.

Online Sales Only

You can only get the Arctos portable AC from the online official website. That implies that you cannot just walk into a random store to purchase this AC because you won’t find it. This means you have to deal with the delivery process where your product can even be cracked before you get it. Luckily, the company has a money-back policy that allows you to get a refund if you’re unsatisfied.

Unresponsive Customer Care

Many reviewers have accused the Arctos customer care of being unresponsive especially when it comes to offering a refund.

Too Frequent Refills

Arctos is a portable unit that only has a water tank capacity of 450ml. This means that you have to constantly refill the device with water if you want to continue enjoying the features. Frequently refilling the device can be stressful especially if you’re already asleep. You might just have to experience that heat you’ve been avoiding.

Who Can Use Arctos

Arctos can be used by anyone trying to escape the hot summer season for some comfort. However, for the sake of effectiveness, there are certain factors to be considered before purchasing this cooling device. This product is perfect for smaller rooms like dorms, small apartments, and offices. If you have a large room, Arctos might not be the best choice for you.

Arctos Cooler Results

If you’re living in a one-bedroom apartment or a smaller space where you need some cool air, Arctos is the best option for you. Also, if you work remotely and you have a small workspace within your house, you can use this cooler. This product is a great choice for those who have respiratory issues because it helps in purifying the air.

Regardless of the location, you’re using, Arctos can help you get through summer with ease. Now, you can have a sound sleep and proper relaxation with the perfect product for you and your house size.

Where to Buy Arctos Cooler

You get the Arctos cooler on the official site to make your purchase. Here is the pricing of the Arctos portable AC:

  • Get 1 Arctos cooler for $89.99
  • For 2 Arctos coolers, you would have to pay $179.98
  • Purchasing 3 products together is highly recommended because it costs only $201.99
  • Get 4 Arctos space coolers for an affordable price of $246.99

For safe delivery, add your contact details and shipping information. They have a secure payment system that uses Pay Pal and credit cards.

You should buy more of these coolers to save yourself costs and also to gain access to the company’s discount. If you can only afford one of these products, you can look for your friends or family that is willing to make the purchase also.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Arctos Coolers Any Good?

Yes, they can help you get through your summer. It is a portable and mobile device that you can take everywhere you go. In addition, it has an air purifier and humidifier that keeps your health safe while offering cool air. They are easily affordable, adjustable, and suitable for your home space. Arctos coolers are a great option to escape from the scorching heat in your area. It currently has a 4.6 rating on the website.

Does Arctos Work in High Humidity?

Arctos product works better for low humidity areas. Although it can still work in high humidity areas, this cooler won’t be effective in such a case. It does not dehumidify effectively and you should check out other products if that feature is what you truly need.

Is Arctos Battery Operated?

Yes. However, it uses a rechargeable battery that needs a power source for it to continue working for long hours. This makes it a bad option for remote areas without electricity. If you’re going into the woods or hiking without a power source, you might have to settle for a device that works better.

Is It Worth Buying A Portable AC?

If you’re someone that moves around a lot, a portable AC is a great buy for you because you can carry it around. Installing traditional ACs everywhere you go is quite impossible, especially in areas where you’re not the one in charge. With a portable AC, you never have to deal with heat regardless of your location.

How Do I Return Arctos?

The company has a money-back guarantee that allows you to return the product if you’re not satisfied. You can reach customer care via this email [email protected] and with the phone number 866-955-45759. There you can return the device but only after 30 days.

How Much Power Does Arctos Use?

Arctos only uses 9 watts. If you’re trying to cut costs on electricity and power, the Arctos portable cooler is an effective means for you. It only consumes little electricity compared to traditional ACs that consume much more.

Final Words

This Arctos portable AC review contains all the necessary details about the product. It offers an honest perspective on how the device works by considering customer reviews and comments across the internet. It also identifies the benefits, features, and ways you can identify if it is a great buy for you.

However, you need to consider certain factors before you buy this product. First, check if it fits into your budget, now this shouldn’t be so hard because it is a budget-friendly option. Also, you must consider the size of your house and the number of people living there. If you have a large number of people in your house, you might have to buy up to 4 products or more. This way, you would be able to settle their needs.

The Arctos device offers more benefits than disadvantages which makes it a suitable option for you. It saves you time, money, space and also protects you from the blazing sun. Now, you don’t have to worry about the heat because Arctos can keep you cool at all times. We believe that this review has helped in informing you about the Arctos device. For more details, explore our page.